Apex Gear Covert Single Pin Archery Sight With Versa-pin Description:   Apex Gear Covert Single-Pin Sight with micro-adjustable windage, over 120 pre-printed yardage tapes for precise calibration, Versa-Pin technology, and available detachable bracket and a gear-drive elevation control for smooth adjustment. Fewer pins means more power than ever before. Type: Bow Sights 

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Apex Gear Attitude Bow Sling Double-braided rigid cord. Rubber vibration isolating mount. Fits all bows.

Bow Tuning & Accessories

Apex Gear Revolve Universal Sight Light


Apex Gear Revolve Universal Sight Light Universal – fits most popular sight brands. Blue LED. 3 brightness levels controlled by distinctive twist-click knob. Long battery life. Easy ON OFF and brightness selection. Replaceable battery (AG903A, CR927). Battery included. Includes sight housing adapters (3/8″ – 36 threads, 7/16″ – 20 threads and additional adapter plate.


Apex Gear Attitude 5 Pin Sight The all–new ATTITUDE sight series from APEX GEAR gives you the choice between standard or micro–adjustable windage / elevation adjustments. Fine–tuning your bow on the fly has never been easier while using the micro–adjustable settings on the ATTITUDE sights. With a turn of a knob you can dial the sight in for […]


Apex Gear Covert Pro 1 Pin Sight Ultra smooth easy one–hand adjustments. GRAVITY–LINE rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity. Includes over 60 pre–marked yardage tapes to simplify setup. Rear–facing, easy–to–see yardage tape location. Perfect for any light conditions. Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level. Quick and easy setup. Bracket incorporates dampened end–of–travel stops. Adjustable […]


Apex Gear Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver Low-profile design keeps quiver tight against the bow riser | ISO•BRIDGE vibration dampener | Contrasting color rubber hood liner won’t dull broadheads and facilitates arrow installation | Lightweight / compact TRU•TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. Adjustable tension Cam-Lock. Adjustable “tilt” feature enables the user to fine-tune bow balance. Easy one-hand […]


Apex Gear Game Changer 5 Arrow Quiver “In-Out” adjustable mounting bracket moves quiver tight against the bow riser to reduce torque and provides superior balance | Full adjustability allows quiver to mount behind the sight | CNC-machined aluminum construction | Lightweight / compact Laser TRU•TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. Mounting bracket is adjustable up / down […]


Apex Gear Mount Adapter 3/8 To Weaver Mounting adapter Converts 3/8” mounting bases into Weaver-style mount.


Apex Gear Tundra Series Sight Innovative pin design improves sight picture and protects fibers / Quick and easy fiber replacement / Ultra-tough composite construction / Ultra lightweight / compact design. 3 Pin 3 x.019 dia. TRU•TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. Includes high-visibility level. Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability. Large circular field of view. Aperture has 1.8” inner diameter. […]


Apex Gear Axim W/ Micro Push-Button Light & Detachable Bracket 6 Pin .010″ dia. Product Details Unique dual-end fiber design allows for increased brightness and compact size. Extra-long fully protected wrapped fibers. Stainless steel tubes fully protect fibers for greater durability. Precision pin alignment eliminates distortion. Accepts 1.87″ scope lens(not included). Glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring for […]


Apex Gear Accu-Strike Pro Select Individual pin illumination for “dialed-in” accuracy, OPTI•CHOICE Pin Selector illuminates individual pins | Shooter selects the exact pin representing the correct distance from the target, Shooter may select from low, medium or high light intensity using the push-button rheostat light, TRU•ZERO pin design minimizes pin gaps. 5 Pin 5x.019 dia. Features TRU•TOUCH soft-feel […]


Apex Gear Pro-Tune XS Innovative Tri•Channel design reduces vibration and noise. Radial dispersion of vibration through dampening fins. TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating. Fits all bows. 6” length (6.2 ounces / 1.0” dia.).