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Carhartt brand: staying true to its history while keeping up with the times

Carhartt is a clothing brand that has been around for more than a century, and is today widely popular. How has a brand managed to stick around for so long? Thanks to a few key clothing items that appeal to a wide-range of audiences, Carhartt is able to stay true to its roots doing what it does best, while expanding its market and adapting to the times.

Brief history of Carhartt

The company was founded in Michigan in 1889 by the Carhartt family (and they still own it today). At that time, it manufactured work clothes for railroad workers, specializing in durable overalls. Soon they began developing work clothes for constructions workers, farmers and other manual labor workers.

Carhartt today

Although originally an American company, today Carhartt has gone international, in both the areas of retail and manufacturing (as most of the clothes are now manufactured in third world countries to keep costs down). On the fashion end, while the company still manufactures and sells blue-collar worker’s clothing at reasonable prices, it has also branched out into the high-fashion market, targeted at fashion-conscious urban youth. While the inspiration for the new offering of clothing hasn’t changed (it is still inspired by American farmers, lumberjacks and steel workers), it has modified fit, color and shape in order to adapt to the needs of new audiences. Whether this decision to become a fashionable brand will hurt the company’s image as a manufacturer of affordable and durable worker’s clothing remains to be seen, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet. The company seems to be able to balance their multiple images as it continues to target a wide range of audiences: craftsmen, skaters, blue-collar workers, hipsters, and just about everyone else.

The rise and fame of the Weathered Duck Detroit Jacket

It is possible the arrival of Carhartt’s to the high-fashion arena happened with one jacket: the Weathered Duck Detroit. This Carhartt jacket was introduced in the 1980s, and given to celebrities in the music industry as a promotional effort. This is how the Carhartt jacket ended up in the music video for “Jump Around” by House of Pain, and soon it became a hugely popular jacket among men everywhere. Today, it is still a popular jacket, is worn by celebrities, and even appears in movies. The Sandstone Active jacket is another versatile Carhartt jacket that brought the company great success. Clearly, Carhartt jackets are a large part of how Carhartt became the company it is today.

Carhartt Overalls and Dungarees become fashion staples

Aside from the Carhartt jackets, Carhartt also hit the fashion market around the same time (in the 1980s) with Carhartt pants that had historically been marketed only to workers: their overalls and dungarees. The Carhartt pants trend exploded in the fashion world in the 1990s and turned traditional workman’s clothing into fashionable street wear. Today these looks continue to be internationally popular today, although the Dungarees seem to have had more staying power than overalls, at least among adults. Carhartt is a clothing brand with a long history, and it is a company that has had great success, thanks to a few key garments (Carhartt jackets, Carhartt pants) that were able to defy the barriers of fashion, serving both blue-collar workers and hip and fashion-conscious youth. Today, the company continues to try to meet the needs of both audiences, as much in their homeland (the United States) as they do abroad in the international market.