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drake waterfowl clothingDrake Clothing & Waterfowl Hunting Store

Drake clothing has made a name for itself for over 12 years, not only because they have found a way to customize hunting apparel, but mainly because they have been able to devise an effective system. This Drake system caters for most hunters’ needs and has so far, been regarded as highly effective. Please peruse our Drake Waterfowl selection for all your outdoor needs – shipped from our 20,000 sq. ft. Sporting Goods Megaplex, an Alabama landmark.

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Drake Casual Dress Shirts & Pants

Drake Waterfowl® Brushed Cotton Camp Pant

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Drake Waterfowl Neck Band


Drake Waterfowl Neck Band

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Drake Mst Waterproof Hoodie

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Drake Clothing Store

Drake Mst Refuge Hs Vest

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The System behind Drake Waterfowl Clothing

Based on first-hand experience, folks at Drake know all too well that apparel is essential when hunting. Due to frequent changes in the weather, unsuitable clothing is something frequent among hunters. There is a temperature span of about 70 degrees, and predicting the weather can be a tricky issue altogether, even with the use of the latest technology. Both over or under-dressing can turn out to be hazardous to the unaware hunter. This is the reason why specialists at Drake clothing have designed a system that narrows down the possibilities of getting it wrong. The system consists in three major categories: EST (Early Season Technology), MST (Mid Season Technology) and LST (Late Season Technology). The blend of these three technologies enables each individual hunter to create a personal system that will, in turn, help them pull through the entire hunting season.
When it comes to Drake waterfowl clothing, there is a vast range of equipment designed to cover every single need.

Drake Waterfowl Waders

Designed to be the most dependable waders on the market, Drake waterfowl waders have been made with an exclusive liquid seam weld for all of the external seams. As for internal seams, excellence is achieved by introducing an extra-wide waterproof seam-seal tape. Most other waders on the market use only one of these systems at a time. Only at the Safford Trading Company Drake clothing store can professional hunters expect to find such top-quality items. Available in seven different models and four colors, Drake waterfowl waders fall under the clothing designed to cover all three categories: EST, MST and LST.

Drake Waterfowl Jackets

If you have been looking around for Drake clothing, you will encounter a larger-than-usual category and that includes Drake waterfowl jackets and coats. Plenty of models to choose from; all based on the exceptional Drake system. Most models feature high-quality fabrics and unique seaming methods. All Drake waterfowl jackets are made to keep the hunter protected from outdoor weather conditions, meanwhile letting them move freely. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular Drake waterfowl items: the LST Waterfowler Insulated Coat 2.0; even when it is one of the most insulated garments on the market, it is neither heavy, nor uncomfortable. On the contrary, its poly-fill insulation weighs only 200 grams. This jacket is the all-purpose, 100% waterproof, breathable jacket any hunter would need on any occasion.

Drake Waterfowl Vests

Running at around $100 for each item, Drake waterfowl vests feature full waterproof protection, plus other weather-resistant qualities added according to which category they fit, as far as Drake clothing is concerned. All models are made of 100% breathable fabric that provides both warmth and proper insulation.
Waterfowl hunters who are not easily satisfied with regular hunting apparel can find something truly different in Drake waterfowl clothing.