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In search for a Georgia Boot? Safford Sporting Goods endorses the Georgia Boots company and their high quality boots all the way. Whether you want to use them for work, logging or any outdoor activity, Safford Sporting Goods will have your pair shipped to your door from our 20,000+ sq. ft. Sporting Goods Megaplex, an Alabama landmark.

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Outdoor Footwear: Georgia Boots

A lot has been said about the importance of wearing the right clothes while carrying out some outdoor activity. Finding the appropriate brands that offer just the specialized items you need may take a while. This is especially so, when it comes to choosing footwear. Fortunately, there is a brand that has already sorted out everything for you: Georgia Boot. With a vast experience and one of the most varied catalogs on the market, the products found in Georgia boots have been made to satisfy even the most demanding needs. Having various categories, the brand excels at their rugged lifestyle collections. From work shoes, to hiker boots and from moc-toe slip on to work boots, there is nothing Georgia Boots cannot provide to the active outdoor lover.


Hikers know from personal experience how important it is to wear the right shoes on their hikes. It is not only a matter of comfort or looks; it is a safety issue all along. Failure to wear the appropriate boots may result in unwanted injuries or accidents. Most hiker shoes are medium to lightweight: you can’t hike long distances in heavy work shoes. In addition, they should be flexible enough to improve the grasp; this is why all hiking boots from Georgia feature a rubber cup sole designed to ensure both flexibility and durability. Some of the hiker’s models introduced by the brand are waterproof: an absolute must for hikers who love rough terrains for their walks.

The Georgia Boot for Low Temperatures

There is a certain Georgia line of boot models known for its resistance to low temperatures and that is the Insulated Work Boots. Whether you need them for camping, working outdoors or hunting, these boots will make sure that your feet keep warm while you are outside. There is a more sophisticated model, yet and that is the Georgia Gore-Tex Waterproof insulated Low-Heel Logger Work Boot. This model is the ultimate clothing item for any well-equipped, hard-core outdoor fan. These boots have been made with a one of a kind material which is both insulated and waterproof. Lightweight but resistant beyond belief, these boots are the thing when you need to spend long hours under extreme weather or geographical conditions.

Outdoor Work

Borderline between fun and work, Georgia Boot has come up with a design that fits well into several lifestyles. The Georgia Steel Toe Romeo collection serves these two purposes: it provides safety while offering comfort and design. From the outside, it is difficult to notice that this is a work boot at all. Since its design is elegant, no one would tell that this shoe has been specifically designed to prevent safety issues, such as heavy-weight falls, slips or electrical hazards. This Georgia boot is 100% waterproof which means that your foot will stay dry even when the outside of the shoe is soaking wet. Finally, the sole needs a chapter on its own. The classic out-sole is made of Polyurethane which resists oil, chemicals and most work slips.