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Hornady Custom 300 Win Mag 180Gr. SP InterLock 20 per box





Caliber: 243 Winchester– Grain: 100 Grain– Bullet Type: PSP Corelokt– Per 20




Centerfire Rifle Calibers

Fiocchi 223 Rem. 55gr FMJBT 50 Rd


223A Caliber:223 Remington Bullet Weight: 55 Bullet Type: FMJBT Muzzle Velocity, FPS:3240 Per box: 50 Line:SD   See Shipping Details Some Restrictions May Apply! About Fiocchi The Fiocchi empire began improbably with a bit of a splutter, born of a predecessor’s failure and a bank foreclosure. In the early 1800s Fiocchi family ancestors lived around […]


Remington UMC 300 AAC Blackout 120 Gr. OTFB For varmint hunting, target shooting, training exercises or any other high-volume shooting situation, UMC centerfire rifle ammunition offers great value with absolutely no compromise in quality or performance. UMC rifle ammunition offers the choice of either metal-case or jacketed hollow point bullets in several popular rifle calibers. […]


Winchester M-22 SubSonic .22 LR Ammunition 45 Gr. Description: Sure functioning in semi-automatic firearms Subsonic from both rifles and pistols Optimized for Suppressor Use Low muzzle flash Features: Specifically designed to reliably function semi-automatic rifles and pistols at subsonic velocities. Subsonic velocities offer low noise in both suppressed and non-supressed firearms.   S22LRTSUP Cartridge: 22 […]


Wolf Polyformance .308 Winchester FMJ, 145 Gr. PolyFormance coating ensures smooth feeding and extraction Reliable ignition and functioning in adverse conditions Save money with high-quality, economical loads   Caliber: .308 Win Grain:145 Jacket: Bimetal Type: FMJ Primer: Berdan Muzzle Velocity: 2750   See Shipping Details Some Restrictions May Apply!


Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 243 Win 55 Gr. Polymer Tip Alloyed Lead Core Contoured Jacket Lubalox (Black Oxide) Coating Rapid Controlled Expansion   Features Rapid expansion/Fragmentation   Cartridge: 243 Winchester Bullet Weight: 55 Muzzle Velocity: 3910 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.276 Rounds Per Box: 20     See Shipping Details Some Restrictions May Apply!  


Winchester Deer Season XP 300 Blackout 150 Gr. Massive Knockdown Power Precision Accuracy Streamlined for High B.C. Built Specifically for Deer Hunting   Features Large Diameter Polymer Tip – Accelerates bullet expansion for rapid trauma upon impact Ballistic Profile – Streamlined profile and polymer tip combine for improved downrange performance Contoured Jacket – Tapered profile […]


Hornady 30-30 Win 140 Gr. MonoFlex LEVERevolution LEVERevolution represents a breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip technology of the FTX and MonoFlex bullets. Safe to use in tubular magazines, these bullets feature higher ballistic coefficients and deliver dramatically flatter […]


Hornady 300 Blackout 208 Gr. A-MAX (Subsonic) The 300 Blackout (Whisper) is a highly efficient cartridge based on the 221 Remington case necked up to .308. Renowned as a subsonic cartridge for use with suppressed guns, the 300 Blackout (Whisper) from Hornady is available in both supersonic and subsonic loads. Compatible with guns chambered for […]