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Choosing the right rifle scope or binoculars for hunting

Hunters today can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of equipment and accessories available. With so much market competition, it’s hard to know how to select the right gear. Being able to get a better and up-close look at your prey is key to successful hunting, so you’ll for sure need equipment to help you do that: a rifle scope or binoculars.

Why you need a rifle scope or binoculars

First of all, the unfortunate fact is that as we age, our sight does too, making it harder to focus our eyes. For hunters, this issue can be resolved with a rifle scope or binoculars, allowing you to get a good look at your target. Also, thanks to the magnification options, it’s easy to have more precise shot placement from a distance.

Rifle Scopes or Binoculars?

The main question here when deciding between these two options will be budget or preferences. Binoculars probably aren’t as useful as rifle scopes because by the time you identify the animal and pick up the rifle, it may be too late to take the shot. However, having a quality rifle scope is also important, and they can be expensive, so if you’re on a lower budget go for binoculars as they can be very affordable. Factors that will affect the price of binoculars (and hence, quality and effectiveness) include lens coating, magnification factor, lens size, focusing ability and prism design. If you do go with binoculars, opt for a quality and reliable brand, such as Meopta binoculars.

Picking a rifle scope

If you do want a rifle scope, you’ll need to decide on a couple of things such as magnification and power, and choose your brand. Reliable brand options include: Leupold scopes, Meopta scopes and Nikon scopes. The most common scope rifle has a magnification setting of 3x-9x. At the lowest magnification setting of the most common scope (3x), the object you’re viewing will appear to be about three times its size, and at the top setting (9x), it would appear nine times its size. Meaning, nine times the size it would be if you were looking at it without the scope. Which magnification you need depends on how far away you are from your target, but most hunters do well with 3x or 4x. You can get scopes from 1x and up to 12x magnification. Leupold scopes, Meopta scopes and Nikon scopes have a wide range of magnification options. Next, its time to decide if you want a scope with variable power or fixed power, the latter being less expensive. If you can’t afford a quality variable scope, then opt for a high-quality fixed scope, which would be better than a cheap variable scope. Remember, quality is important, so if you can’t afford Leupold scopes, Meopta scopes, Nikon scopes or another quality brand, you may want to opt for binoculars instead. Having (or not having) the right binoculars or rifle scope can make or break your hunting. That’s because getting a good look is key to hitting your target. Whether you choose a scope rifle (and what type) or binoculars will depend a lot on your budget, what kind of hunting you’ll be doing, and your personal preferences.