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Hunting Gear: A Hunter’s Arsenal

Hunting gear is a broad term to refer to the many items any good hunter may need while he is on the prowl. It is a well-known fact that all hunters must have the proper equipment in order to carry out their hunting both successfully and, above all, safely. Hunting gear can be anything from clearance, cameras, decoys, food processing articles and many more.

Getting Started: What you should know:

When it comes to choosing your first time equipment, it is easy to get lost in the vast array of alternatives. As you can see on most hunting store web pages, the categories are so many and the choices quite complex. If you have just started the process of gearing up, the best tip you can follow is to keep things simple. You will have plenty of time afterwards to expand as you become familiar with all the equipment available on the market. Here is a quick list of basic must-haves any hunter-to-be might need.
Sharp Knife: The choice will depend largely on the type of hunting you intend to do. Most experts will suggest small game hunting to begin with. If this were the case, look for long-lasting, yet simple knifes. The key is to feel comfortable with it and learn what you can do with it, little by little.
Gun & Ammo: If you have come this far, it is because you are already licensed and have been trained to use guns. However, it is always a good idea to borrow a gun first –several different models- only then, to go shopping. Since a firearm will not be cheap, it is best to weigh your options beforehand. There are many different brands and models to choose from and asking an expert for advice may help, but you should be the one to decide, eventually. The type of gun you get will determine the type and amount of ammunition you will need.
Boots: Proper footwear is highly important for any hunter and the beginner will do well to remember this. Your feet will be exposed to all kinds of geographical and weather conditions that include extremes. Safety before anything and a good pair of boots is a good starting place. Check out the different brands and see what they have to offer. Your final choice will depend largely on the type of hunting you are going to do. Waterfowl may call for more water-resistant boots, whereas deer hunting might call for an all-terrain type of footwear. Do some research before buying and don’t save money on this one. Bad quality can come in costly in the end.
Clothing and Apparel: Even if there are certain classical garments that have been worn by hunters for generations, the type of apparel you need will also depend on the game you will be hunting, the season and the weather. There are some essentials, like vests, jackets, waders and socks. The key word behind hunting clothing is simplicity and good quality. The sole purpose of wearing special clothes for hunting is to protect oneself from external factors, such as water, humidity, low temperatures or geographical threats, like rocks, marshes, and the like.
Take a closer look at the many options available for hunting gear and make a list of priorities before you start shopping.