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Lacrosse Men’s Mesquite 7″


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LaCrosse Men's Hunting Boots

Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 1600G


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LaCrosse Men's Hunting Boots

Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro 18″ 1000g


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LaCrosse Men's Hunting Boots

Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″


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Lacrosse Boots: Everywhere you Go

Keeping your feet protected while enjoying outdoor fun is crucial. Most people have heard tales of how being improperly clothed can bring about serious consequences both to your health and entertainment opportunity. One of the most important decisions any outdoor lover will have to face involves the choice of appropriate footwear. There are many brands out there for you to choose from, but very few have as much experience and commitment to quality as Lacrosse does.

What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a privately owned brand founded back in 1897. Based in Portland, Oregon the company manufactures, distributes and sells all sorts of outdoor accessories. Even though they are best-known for their footwear, Lacrosse also sells all kinds of hunting and outdoor accessories, like hats, waders, and the like, made both of rubber and leather. With so much experience and know how on their backs, the company has been able to come out with top-quality products.

All Season Boots

If you browse through their catalog, you will find that all Lacrosse boots have two things in common: quality and design. All season boots are no exception to this rule. Made mostly of rubber, all season hunting boots, like the AeroHead, have been carefully designed to provide a perfectly comfortable fit, while keeping its durability intact. Fully-insulated, these boots still manage to fall under the lightweight category. In fact, they are so lightweight, that you can barely tell they are there, and even if you did, they are so comfortable, you would still want to keep them on. Further features that help upgrade the boot’s performance includes: adjustable back strap for even more comfort and fit. Quick drying and moisture wicking jersey knit liner that enables the foot to be absolutely dry at all times. Last but not least, even when they are listed as all-season boots, the AeroHead will resist temperatures as low as -30 ºF. With 4,000 miles of testing, these boots know exactly where they’re headed to.


One of the company’s fastest-selling items, Lacrosse waders are a product both fishermen and hunters alike don’t want to miss. Made mostly of 100% water-resistant neoprene, these waders are durable, yet affordable. Everything you can find in a pair of Lacrosse boots, you can find in any of their waders, only better. The boot is lined up with 1000 grams of Thinsulate, the ultra insulation for even more warmth in watery conditions. Swamp-Lite outsole for superior traction in snow, mud and loose terrain is a bonus any waterfowl hunter would not want to miss. Other qualities of this product includes: abrasion-resistant protection that will defeat the natural laws of wear and tear. Also, all seams are double-stitched with polyurethane reinforcement in knee areas. With all these protective measures, you should consider each purchase as a sort of future investment rather than an expense. In conclusion, get ready with the right hunting gear from the very beginning. There is something at Lacrosse boots to meet all your demands.