Hoyt Custom 10-piece Accessory Kit


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Hoyt Custom 10-Piece Accessory Kit

Go bold or go home. Make your bow all you with custom colored Stealth Shots, AirShox, Shock Rods and Pro Fit Wood Grips. Choose your team color or mix-and-match for a look that’s all you.

Custom 10-piece Accessory Kit Includes: (1) Stealth Shot, (2) AirShox, (6) Shock-Rods and (1) Pro Fit Wood Grip.


About Hoyt

Since 1931, Hoyt has been leading the way with uncompromising quality, performance and reliability.


5 Layer Lamination –  Legendary Hoyt limb durability comes from our strict lamination process and rigorous testing standards.

AirShox – The most efficient limb dampening system made. AirShox not only kill noise and vibration at the shot, but they are unattached to the limbs, reducing energy robbing weight that conventional dampeners force the limbs to carry.

AlphaShox – Features an innovative, custom, five-fin shape—proven in rigorous lab tests to dampen noise and deaden vibration more efficiently than previous AlphaShox designs. AlphaShox ensure whisper-quiet, shock-free performance.

ARC Limb Technology – Beyond parallel limb technology features incredible energy storage with recoil-free shooting.

Cam & 1/2 Performance System – The cam that has it all: speed, smoothness and accuracy.

DFX Cam Technology – DFX Cam and 1/2 System maximizes effective string angle, optimizes peep position, and provides a more comfortable and consistent anchor and alignment.

FUSE Custom Strings –  Proven with podium finishes around the world, FUSE Custom Strings are built rock-solid.

GTX Cam & 1/2 – Super-smooth and easy to shoot, the GTX Cam features a rotating module for easy draw length adjustments. A generous valley and a less-aggressive back wall make this cam very shooter-friendly. Available in 65% or 75% let-off configurations.

Helical Flex Tune Carbon – Strong, Reliable & Durable

Hoyt Carbon Technology – The most advanced compound bows ever created. Lighter, stronger and quieter.

In-Line Roller Cable Guard – Exclusive advanced bearing technology and in-line rollers work in concert with the rigging on Maxxis bows to increase efficiency, making for higher speed and lower energy loss.

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