Jackall Gantarel 6.3″


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Jackall Gantarel 6.3″

With a 6-inch double-jointed body mimicking a nice size lunch for big bass, Jackall Lures brings the Gantarel slow-floating hard swimbait to North American anglers. The Gantarel’s jointed body creates a ‘S’ swimming pattern while being retrieved, and makes 180-degree turns when twitched which further entices big bass when they are following the bait. To add even more realism to the Gantarel swimbaits, they are equipped with feathered treble hooks.



Slow floating

Slow floating lure allows you to avoid being snagged by stopping your retrieve and letting it float back up. You can also let it float next to structure to trigger a bite.

Jointed body

The jointed body allows the Gantarel to swim in an S-Shaped motion. With a twitch of your rod, the Gantarel can turn 180 degrees.

Bearing swivel line tie

The bearing swivel eliminates line twist during casting and retrieving.

Tail tip eye

Eye allows you to tune the Gantarel with a stinger hook, or even customized through your imagination

Swiveling bottom hooks

Bottom treble hooks rotate 360 degrees keeping the bass hooked on and not allowing it to use momentum to spit out the lure.

Feathered hook

Feathered hook disguises the hook as well as keep it floating up.

Pectoral fins

Pectoral fins enhances the stability of the lure. The fins are angled slightly to allow the Gantarel to dive about 3 feet.

Additional bottom line tie  

The additional line tie at the bottom allows you to fine tune the lure. By adding a drop shot weight, you could tune the Gantarel by making it suspend or sink. If you tie your line directly to the bottom, the Gantarel will swim shallower, allowing you to fish just under the surface.



Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

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