Paint-a-doodle 12 X 24 Race Car Painting Kit


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Paint-A-Doodle 12 x 24 “Race Car” outlined canvas creates your own masterpiece by simply painting inside the lines. A great unique arts and crafts gift for kids or adults to explore creativity and have fun!
Kit includes:
1 Gallery Wrapped Canvas (24”x12”)
7 Acrylic Paints (Washable & Non-Toxic)
2 Paintbrushes (Various sizes)

About Paint-A-Doodle

Paint-A-Doodle started as a family business with an idea of giving children something fun, different, educational, and challenging.  It turned out that art is one heck of a tool for doing all that and letting children express their own creativity whether it be inside or outside the lines.

Their product and line of designs offer a simple yet effective tool to help you and your child by:

  • Helping them build fine motor skills – Yep, did you know that painting can increase a persons ability to focus more and work on hand/eye coordination.
  • Art Appreciation and Self-Expression – This can go without saying that children need to be exposed to art, music, and sports. Paint-A-Doodle products provide you with the art aspect and you don’t have to try and figure it out.  Its all in one kit.
  • Boosting their imagination and creativity boosting – Coloring always has its perks here…just let them go and see what their owl or butterfly becomes.  
  • Relieving Stress and  problem solving techniques – painting allows children and even adults a way to focus steadily on a given task for extended periods of time.  Painting also challenges them to figure out colors, how they are made and how they interact with the canvas.  More importantly, parents and guardians can take a break without using some electronic device as a gimmick.

Paint-A-Doodle has sold over 100,000 kits since its inception back in 2010.

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