About Us

The team here at Safford Trading Company have set up shop in such a way as to impress you upon entry. A sprawling 20,000+ sq. foot facility that features a variety of outdoor gear, guns & ammo, clothing, footwear, archery and so much more for you to add to your rockstar adventurer toolbox.

For over 14 years, we have strived to offer the best of the best and we do so. Every inch of our store is stocked with the tools you need to make life easier and more productive outdoors or during any of your sporting activities. We’ve come together and grown as a team of men and women who specialize in sporting goods and have enjoyed making sure that our in-store clients find just what they need. We also securely assist our online clients who like the convenience of having their products shipped straight to their door – facilitated through our web site and ecommerce store. We are a passionate bunch of outdoor explorers and are proud to offer the most recent and extremely useful technologies to our equally passionate clientele. We look forward to making you one as well.

Safford Trading Company bear
The Safford Bear
Hand Carved by Larry A. Knight.

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Safford Trading Company isn’t your average sporting goods store. In fact, our complex offers a gift shop, a gun store, a hardware store and thousands of square footage to get lost in. Think Disneyland for adults who like to hunt, camp, fish and devote themselves to spending time in the great outdoors. From novices to professionals, our wide range of clientele always leave satisfied and content with their purchase. Each year, tens of thousands of people visit our sporting facility to purchase the goods they need. We’re not just an online store with products that ship to you from impersonal warehouses. Take a look at where your purchase comes from below:

36O-Degree High Definition Virtual Tour

We want you to know who we are, what we’re about and where your order comes from before you place it. In order to make this as convenient as possible, we have divided the tour of our 20,000 sq. ft. sporting goods facility into “key sections” for you to use as a starting point. Choose a tab below to start from that location. Note: Whenever you see the stairs and want to go up or down ( or if you’d like to at any other time ), just press the “2” or “1” button at the bottom right of the tour interface window to jump between floors.

We are committed to bringing our customers top-notch products. Our in-store team of sporting rocket scientists are well versed and happy to participate in helping you make a well-informed decision on the gear that would best suit your needs.