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High quality Coyote Urine.  


Predator Control Group Cat Collector 4 Oz Bottle Cat Collector is the same lure that PCG only used to catch 84 bobcats on a single ranch. The lure is thick, can be smeared, handles the sun and sheds water. It is a three part bobcat lure. There is a exotic food base, two powerful musk’s […]


Masked Seduction – OGorman Lures Pellet base dog proof trap coon bait.


Predator Control Group Cat Fancy Lure Real musky, piercing cat lure that is a must have on any serious cat line. It is thick and loud. plus it has an ingredient that has been proven by Fed research to hold the most attention for bobcats. 2 oz bottle


Halseth’s Montana Magic Bobcat Lure is possibly the best bobcat lure ever poured into a bottle. Montana Magic is a lure especially made for use on flat sets out in the open country. It will pull them in and they will work the set. Montana Magic contains blended musk, is a far reaching lure, and […]


A true wolfer scent that keeps taking and taking coyotes. This is not a true gland lure, but a true coyote serial killer. Works the coyote over on many different levels. It is heavy in fresh clean glands, but has a twang that cuts through the night air.


Predator Control Group’s Coon CRACK Coon CRACK is just that, something that turn a raccoon into an addict. If you want to make sure a coon works your trap, add a few pieces of dog food on the lip of a little Grizz or the spring gap on the Alcatraz. Pour a little coon CRACK […]