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Jackall IOBEE Frog 2.5″ / 1/2 Oz.  This “IOBee”Top water Frog is a product with performance much more more than existing frog bait.The original weight balance to have of this frog and the round lengthiness rubber leg create the table turn & splashing action that held the movement distance of the frog in check .And […]

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The KVD Sexy Frog is one of the finest, feature-packed, frog-style baits yet from Strike King. Designed and approved by Kevin VanDam for open water and heavy cover applications, the Sexy Frog is an ideal bait for great topwater frog action! Designed and approved by Kevin VanDam Sealed nose to minimize water entry. The Sexy […]

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The LIVETARGET Frog Hollow Body has all the attributes to catch big game fish such as Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike: anatomy, detailed color, custom double hook. Weedless design for thick slop. Soft plastic. High hook-up ratios. Easy to walk. Technique Tips: Create a walking action using a twitch, pause, wind-like retrieve. Concentrate on twitching […]

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The ultimate heavy cover buzz toad, the pitter-patter of the Horny Toad’s ultra vibe feet cause bass to chase it from long distances, producing some of the best strikes of your life. Paired with a weedless hook, it comes through lily pads and grass like a charm, but don’t hesitate to throw it in open […]

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It’s extremely snag-proof for use on surface vegetation or in heavy cover. The BOOYAH Pad Crasher soft plastic hollow body frog features a plastic with just the right consistency to ensure solid, consistent hook-ups while remaining weed- and snag-free. The belly features ‘chines’ that make ‘walking the frog’ easy in open water, and it’s just the […]