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Built to accurately simulate the sound of a feeder going off. The kernel uses a wireless remote that can control the sound unit (up to 100 decibels) up to 100 yards away. Comes with four different sounds including Feeder, jack rabbit, cottontail, hogs wailing.


Hunter’s Addiction Predator Call – Premium Mouth Call Designed to call in the following predators: Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Raccoon   Directions For Use:  Cupping one hand over the end, blow softly.  This will produce the high-pitched scream of the cottontail rabbit.  Blow hard to produce the sound of the coyote fighting pup.  it will sound like you are saying […]


Primos Lil’ Dog Predator Call The Lil’ Dog comes with two separate mouthpieces: just pop the white one on for long-range calling and the green one on for close-in calling. The detachable horn gives it great versatility. The Lil’ Dog is an open-reed style call that reproduces mouse peeps, distress calls of birds, jackrabbits, cottontails, […]


Primos Ki-yi


Primos Ki-Yi Predator Call Features: Great for all distress calls. Name is derived from the sound that an injured dog makes. Removable mouthpiece to produce the various pitches. Ranges from fawn distress, pup whines, and rabbit screams. Package includes Primos Ki-Yi Predator Call and Instructional Mini CD.


Produces Many Sounds Easy to Blow Rugged Design The FoxPro Pied Piper name has always been a popular brand in hand calls. FoxPro is pleased to offer their first bite call named after its rich reputation. The FoxPro Pied Piper is a bite reed design that utilizes two tone boards that produce the overtones needed […]


The HELLFIRE is backed by a 3 year limited warranty and FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA. Key HELFIRE Features: Includes 75 calls of your choice; 200 sound capacity HELLFIRE Specifications Dimensions: 7.75″ Long X 6.75″ wide X 5.5″ tall Weight: 2.9lbs (with batteries) File formats: MP3, WAV, and FXP […]


Jack Predator decoys is proud to present the FoxJack 2 electronic decoy. Now you can turn your current FOXPRO digital game call into an all-inclusive and portable predator calling machine. Simply replace your existing battery door with the FoxJack 2, connect the battery and 3.5mm mono patch cable from the decoy to your FOXPRO digital […]

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SKYOTE™Provides the versatility & flexability needed to call predators   Open reed design allows you to create a variety of sounds from coyote vocalizations to rabbit & other popular distress cries   Raised ridge helps prevent the reed from freezing to the tone board in cold weather conditions   Rugged design.

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Versatile, open reed, predator call Thin, .0075 size reed Produces wide range of sound – high pitched rodent to bird distress Raised ridge prevents reed from freezing to tone board Add more distress sounds to your predator calling arsenal with the Lil’ Skyote Predator Call from FoxPro. A versatile open-reed style call with a thin […]