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Cajun Fryer by R & V Works Propane Cooker Deep Fryers – 6 Gallon Durable carbon steel construction Reduces oil use by an estimated 70% 2 nickel-coated baskets with plastic-coated handles Built-in thermometer The 6 gallon Cajun Fryer by R & V Works features durable carbon steel construction with a high temp charcoal finish and […]


This 4-gallon Bayou Fryer is the ultimate in outdoor cooking. Perfect for backyard parties with family and friends. Fry fish, chicken, hush puppies, and fries. The unique V-bottom design keeps base oil temperature cooler than frying temperature so the batter does not burn and your cooking oil stays clean and lasts longer. Features: All stainless […]


The 4 gallon Cajun Fryer by R & V Works® features carbon steel construction with a hight themp charcoal finish and two nickel-plated baskets with cool touch plastic-coated handles. The versatile, high performance, low maintenance propane fryer’s burner design positions the fryer’s heat source 6” above the bottom of the oil reservoir at a 45 […]