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Power up with the Cuddeback Solar Power Bank – a battery upgrade to extend the runtime of your Cuddeback trail camera using sunlight. The Cuddeback Solar Power Bank saves you money by eliminating the need for costly lithium batteries.

Mount and aim your trail camera with precision using the Cuddeback Genius Pan Tilt Lock Mount – a mount that allows you to make left/right, up/down adjustments quickly and easily.

Game Camera Accessories

Cuddeback Power Bank #PW-001


Game Camera Accessories

Cuddeback Power Cord #PW-3617


Keep your Cuddeback scouting camera safe with the Cuddeback CuddeSafe Size G – a bear-proof metal casing to protect your G series Cuddeback camera from wildlife, weather, and trespassers. Virtually indestructible, the CuddeSafe also accepts a padlock to prevent theft of your Cuddeback camera.