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Hunting Accessories

Muddy “The Mule” Game Cart

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For a lightweight climbing treestand that offers superior portability and comfort, look no further than The Stalker Climber from Muddy Outdoors. This climber can hold up to 300 pounds, packing premium features into an ultra-light package with included backpack straps.

The King of elevated hunting stands, the all-steel Muddy “Quad” quad-pod measures 12’ tall from the ground, offering a 360-degree hunting experience for two. The Quad is equipped with a spacious 57”x57” steel platform, making it a perfect choice for rifle or bow hunting.

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If you’re looking for a comfortable, quiet, 360-degree hunting experience, look no further than the Liberty Tripod from Muddy Outdoors. The all-steel Liberty Tripod measures 16’ from the ground to the shooting rail and can be paired with the 4-Foot Extention Kit for a towering 20’ of height.