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TruGlo Speed•Shot Bowfishing Arrow W/ Slide Safety System Premium grade, hardened stainless steel tip 250 grain point with pivoting barb for quick fish removal and improved penetration Premium fiberglass high-visibility florescent colored shaft Includes pre-installed nock, slide and slide stop Ultra-sharp 5-sided tip Knurled base for better grip Waterproof retainer helps the tip stay tight […]


AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest The AMS Wave Rest has proven itself as a durable, easy to use bowfishing arrow rest. It can be easily adjusted to the proper height and distance with the turn of a screw. It is universal to both right and left hand shooters. The Celcon wheel inside the rest rolls with the […]


Cajun Bowfishing Yellow Jacket Bowfishing Kit Two Yellow Jacket arrows with Sting-A-Ree Tournament points & slide Zebco 808 Bowfisher spinning reel with pre-spooled 80# test line Machined anodized aluminum reel seat that mounts into the bow stabilizer bushing Cajun Roller Rest

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AMS Bowfishing String Thing Finger Tabs An updated version of its standard finger tabs, AMS Bowfishing® String Things Bowfishing Finger Tabs protect your fingers on those all-night or all-day bowfishing trips. Extended length on the double pad provides adequate room for larger fingers. String Things can be positioned straddling the nock or both put below […]


From quick installation to reeling in the big catch, MUDCAT™ keeps your focus where it needs to be…on the water!  The MUDCAT™ reel is easier to install than its predecessors thanks to a countersunk hex nut.  Time consuming tangles and hangups are a thing of the past with our new Line Drag Reduction System, which […]


50 feet of 80 pound braided nylon line for use with Bohning Lightning Reel.


Features a one piece, rotating barb made from nickel plated spring steel for solid holding power and quick release • Replaceable 5 sided chisel style tip made from hardened steel • Stainless steel lock washer between the point and adapter allows for easy fish removal


Barbs reverse with 1 1/4 turn. Wide, reverse angle barbs make this an ideal point for carp and other soft body fish. Knife-like leading edge on barbs. Made from Stainless-Steel- No Rust. Precision chisel point for great penetration.

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Cajun Archery Aluminum Reel Seat (Mount Only) The Cajun Archery Aluminum Spinning Reel will fit on any bow with a standard threaded stabilizer bushing. It accepts threaded bowfishing rods and attachments. For mounting a spin-casting reel to the bow stabilizer bushing Threaded end provides for a fishing rod attachment

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Tough ABS body and covers • All-metal gears • Auto Bait Alert™ • Chrome-plated spool • Changeable right- or left-hand retrieve