Fuse Fall-away Ultra Rest


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Fuse Fall-Away Ultra Rest

Reliability, quality and effectiveness are the hallmarks of the new FUSE Ultra Rest. This patented and proven design features Velocity Drop-away Technology, allowing the rest to drop only when the bow is actually fired. When stalking, drawing your bow, or letting down, Ultra Rest totally captures the arrow, even upside down, so it always remains in total control – even in the most challenging and intense bowhunting situations. The key to this is a patented internal cam/brake design, which also offers total silence. The convenient, extended thumb lever allows you to cock the rest into a full capture position, where it will remain, giving you complete control of your arrow whether you are drawing or letting down. Ultra Rest is bowhunting’s premium choice in fall-away rest selection and is available in black and camo high-quality anodize.


  • Right Hand
  • Camo
  • Arrow will never fall off the rest
  • Tested at over 400FPS with total fletching clearance
  • Laser cut felt for silent draw
  • Lock down technology prevents bounce back for total fletching clearance
  • Total arrow containment even when letting-down
  • Timing cord lock for fine tuning
  • Cable clamp allows quick and easy installation, No serving is required
  • Adjustable overdraw for fine tuning and greater arrow selection
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • Unique vented rubber design kills vibration
  • Convenient thumb lever enables loading and total arrow capture in one fluid motion
Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in