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Enjoy tremendous targeting versatility on your bow with the Apex Gear™ Covert™ 4-Pin Bow Sight. The sight’s roving bracket allows you to lock the housing down to use this sight like a traditional, fixed 4-pin sight or leave it unlocked to dial in for longer distances. Adjustable yardage pointer works with the 60+ pre-marked yardage tapes that come with the sight to help bowhunters adjust on the fly easily thanks to the easy-to-see, rear facing yardage tape location. Easy to adjust, the Covert 4-Pin’s aperture housing offers multiple smooth and easy 1-hand adjustments to put you on target every time. GRAVITY-LINE™ rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity. Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level. VERSA•PIN™ TECHNOLOGY allows you to change pin size and color in seconds. Rheostat light included. Adjustable for left- and right-handed users.
Manufacturer model #: AG2314B.
Extremely versatile 4-pin bow sight
Works as a traditional fixed sight or yardage-adjustable sight
Multiple 1-hand adjustments for precise targeting – smooth and easy
GRAVITY-LINE rotational adjustment – aligns pin movement with gravity
Adjustable yardage pointer and 60+ pre-marked yardage tapes – easy yardage adjustment
Easy-to-see, rear facing yardage tape location
Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level
Adjustable for left- and right-handed users
VERSA•PIN technology – change pin size and color in seconds
Size:.019″/4 Pin

Company Profile: Apex Gear


Apex Gear accessories—sights, quivers, and stabilizers—have a polished look of sophisticated gear that has been ruggedly field tested and then sent to a product stylist. Vice President of product development Jeff McNail says it’s all by design. There are no rough edges, no sides un-finished and no elements out of place. It’s the kind of product that delivers peak performance and radiates success.

Consider the new GameChanger sights, for example. Apex already had an excellent line of pin sights in its Accu-Strike series, or two lines if you consider its Bone Collector sights. And the battery-powered Nano-Dot Electronic Sight is as forward as one can be in archery and stay legal. So, why GameChanger?

The new five-pin GameChanger ($148) is built around zero-gap steel pins for super-fast bows. If your customers shoot a 180 fps recurve, this isn’t the sight for them, though they may be happy with the Apex Atomic single up pin ($62). But if they’re into fast arrows and quick, clean kills, the GameChanger sight can help. The package includes a micro push-button light designed in a location that allows for more effective light distribution to fibers than the standard on/off light with rheostat mounted on top of the aperture.

The GameChanger protects the fiber optic cords inside a clear flexible tube and routes the tube through the strongest part of the sight frame. A simple fiber optic attachment from the .029 light-gathering fiber to the .019 fiber in the pin allows an owner to change pin colors without moving the pins. Indeed, this sight offers the possibility that an archer can replace any or all of the fibers quickly and inexpensively (replacement green, red or yellow fibers are $8). For men who have vision challenges in the red-green spectrum or whose eyes are not as sharp as they were as a teenager, this feature might spell the difference between making and missing a good shot in low light.

The GameChanger’s tool-less design is built around a 2-inch aperture with glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring. A reversible bracket allows plenty of vertical adjustability and the sight is adjustable for left- or right-hand shooters. This sight has all the features shooters expect on a high-end sight: total micro-adjustability, built-in bubble level that is illuminated with luminescent tape, a soft-feel technical coating and four styles: black, Realtree (AP or APG), and Lost Camo. This sight is available with the Bone Collector logo and stamp of approval at the same price.

The lightweight version of the GameChanger sight is the Accu-Strike Pro ($86 black, $99 camo), also a 5-pin sight with many of GameChanger features. The Accu-Strike, however, is built with a smaller, 1.8-inch aperture and a singularly less sophisticated mounting bracket.

Apex is even making a splash in one of the tiniest archery retail opportunities, the peep sight. McNail said this peep can’t be overlooked as a significant shooting accessory. The Bone Collector Versa Peep ($19) with interchangeable inserts allows a shooter to customize his or her peep without a bow press. The CNC machined aluminum core or body serves into the string at an angle (especially good for short ATA bows with a large angle of attack) giving a ¼-inch diameter hole without an insert. Inserts included are 1/8-, 5/32-, and 3/16-inch which allows a shooter to customize the peep size to the aperture size. Colors are black, orange, and luminous green.

Just when every possible quiver style and option seemed to be already available, Apex Gear presented the stylized GameChanger 5-arrow quiver ($111). This quiver uses a silent, adjustable tension Cam-Lock to hold the quiver tight against the bow riser. This reduces torque and provides superior balance. Bowhunters on treestands will appreciate the one-hand removal and the included rigid aluminum hanging loop.

For sheer adjustability and versatility, the GameChanger quiver is hard to beat. It holds both aluminum and carbon shafts, and mechanical or fixed broadheads in a technical rubber hood insert that won’t dull the heads, but will reduce noise and vibration. The mounting bracket is especially adjustable so if your customer wants a Lost Camo quiver for a right-hand 30-inch Heli-m bow from Mathews or a Realtree AP quiver for a left-hand 45-inch Hoyt Vantage LTD, you can make the adjustments at the counter and expect a satisfied customer. This quiver adjusts vertically, horizontally, and even tilts to match a shooter’s preference.

For bowhunters on a budget, the Accu-Strike Quiver ($31 black or $37 camo) holds 4 arrows and is both lightweight and straightforward in its traditional design. It is also covered in soft-touch coating to minimize any sound of scraping through bushes. The Accu-Strike holds carbon or aluminum arrows and the hood accommodates fixed or mechanical broadheads. This single post quiver can be attached or removed with one hand and comes in black, Bone Collector carbon weave or a variety of patterns: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity or Treestand, Realtree AP or APG, and Lost or Lost AT Camo.

For 2012 Apex Gear introduced a new set of bow stabilizers. The Accu-Strike ($31) offers a distinctive set of flexible fins in three rows to reduce vibration and noise. The stabilizer is covered with a soft-feel coating: length, 5.8 inches and weight, 4 ounces. The Bone Collector version is offered in carbon weave tactical black.

Pro-Tune XS stabilizers ($45) use a similar tri-channel design with three rows of dampening fins and the soft-feel coating to reduce any noise from accidental contact with the side of a treestand, for example. Stabilizers from Apex Gear fit all bows and the Pro-Tune XS is available in two sizes: 5-inch (4.5 ounces, 0.9-inch diameter) and 6-inch (6.2 ounces, 1.0-inch diameter).

Contact Apex Gear (a division of TruGlo, with First String & TruGlo Watch) at (888) 887-8456; www.apex-gear.com

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