TruGlo Titanium X Fixed Crossbow Broadheads 4- Blade 100 Gr., 3 Pk.


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TruGlo Titanium X Fixed Crossbow Broadheads

Titanium X crossbow broadheads deliver the ultimate performance for devastatingly quick kills – each and every time. More cutting edges mean more destruction. The fixed 4-blade design provides maximum hemorrhaging, making hits more effective and tracking easier than ever. Strength, accuracy, and sheer cutting force are the most valuable tools to bring down the big one.


  • Grade 5 CNC-Machined one-piece titanium ferrule
  • Tough .031″ thick stainless steel blades
  • TRU•THRU precision sharpened blades for quick pass-throughs
  • TRU•CUT one-piece titanium tip slices hide and flesh immediately upon impact
  • 100 grains for optimum flight and compatibility
  • Spin tested and sharpness tested for ultimate performance
  • 3 Broadheads per package
  • Broadhead installation wrench and one set of replacement blades included
Weight 1.00 lbs