Mathews Rubber (hds) Mini Roller White 5 Pk.


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Customizing and creating a unique look are a symbol of creativity and individualism. Give your bow a makeover with a variety of colors that show spirit and attitude. Mathews Custom Damping Accessories are available in assorted colors for Harmonic Dampers, String Suppressors Dampers, Dead End dampers, and Mini Harmonic Dampers.



About Mathews Inc.

Located in Sparta, Wisconsin, Mathews, Inc. currently employs a staff of nearly 400 people and operates three local facilities to support a diverse line of archery equipment, bow components and accessories for authorized retailers all over the world. The company’s success is predicated on their commitment to three steadfast core values: innovation, integrity and impact.

A unique characteristic central to Mathews’ success is their commitment to integrity. Matt McPherson’s basic, yet pervasive, philosophy of “people before business” serves as an important guide for how we conduct internal and external business.

Externally, Authorized Mathews Retailers are the primary example of Mathews’ business integrity. Mathews carefully selects knowledgeable, service-oriented retailers and have rejected marketplace pressures to provide product to large retail chain stores.

Internally, putting people first has cultivated a positive working environment in which the staff is respectful, accountable and helpful toward each other. These attitudes have an overwhelming impact on job satisfaction which leads to low turnover, increased productivity and outstanding customer service.

From producing American-made bows with a lifetime warranty to providing unsurpassed customer service, Mathews proves that a manufacturer can dominate an industry while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

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