Roundup Pro Concentrate Herbicide 2.5 Gallons



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Roundup Pro Concentrate is an excellent way to keep your property free of weeds. Roundup Pro Concentrate contains glyphosate- this is the same reliable and proven product that has been used by thousands of people over the years. This products is a post-emergence, systemic herbicide without soil residual. It is formulated as a water-soluble liquid containing surfactant. Roundup Pro Concentrate gives broad-spectrum control of many perennial weeds, annual weeds, woody brush and trees. It has been tested and has proven results. No residual chemical is left behind, making it safer to use around your property. Roundup Pro Concentrate is the quick and easy way to get rid of any pesky weeds. If other herbicides have failed to do the job, Roundup Pro Concentrate is the product to tur to. No other herbicide controls more weeds than Roundup Pro Concentrate.

Active Ingredients:
Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) Glycine, in the form of its isopropylamine salt: 50.2%
Other Ingredients (Including 13% surfactant): 49.8%

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