Summit Tick & Flea Spray – 1 Quart #2203834


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Summit Tick & Flea Spray – 1 Quart #2203834

Also kills ants, crickets, earwigs, and many other common outdoor insect pests.

Although most people think that ticks are just another insect, they are in fact arachnids, related to scorpions and spiders.  Many outdoor insecticides are great against insects, but mediocre against ticks.  To combat ticks, consumers should look for an acaricide – treatment more effective against ticks.

Summit® Tick & Flea Spray is specially formulated for superior tick control. With the proper timing of applications, Summit® Tick & Flea Spray can dramatically reduce tick populations around the home and yard.  Be sure to check with your local health department or agricultural agency to determine the best times to spray in your area.

  • Spray Summit® Tick & Flea Spray around perimeter of lawn, under porches, and grassy or bushy areas near the house
  • Shrubbery up to a height of 2-3 feet should be sprayed
  • If you have dogs, spray in areas where the dogs travel or spend time. Kennels and dog houses should be thoroughly treated and spray any other potential tick harborage areas
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