Gallagher Smart Fence 2 #G7000


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Gallagher Smart Fence 2 #G7000


  • Quick and easy to put up and take down. Four wires, ten posts and 330′ length provides an optimal, easy to install instant electric fencing solution
  • The height of the top wire is 42″ (including post’s metal tread-in spike) – or 35.5″ from the foot of the post
  • Easy to carry and store away. The Smart Fence combines posts, reels and wire all in one easily transportable package
  • The four wire system ensures highly effective, safe animal control
  • Can be used on all types of terrain – works just as well on rolling contour as it does in a flat paddock
  • The Smart Fence has a variety of uses, including:
    • Create a temporary paddock within a larger paddock for a specific number of drafted animals
    • Divide paddocks for more efficient grazing
    • Graze animals in non-fenced areas
    • Provide a safer roadside grazing option versus a single wire fence
    • Deliver easy and fast fencing for remote grazing areas
    • Quick fix patch-up option for problem areas on permanent fences
    • Fence off silage bale stacks
  • Compatible with Gallagher energizers
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 12 in