Savage Gear Fat Vibe Crankbait


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Savage Gear’s Fat Vibe is a lipless crank bait, designed to have a superb vibration and flash on the retrieve and Yo-Yo and a great action on the drop, swimming towards bottom, with a subtle rock and flash with a very realistic escape pattern. The lure sends out vibration and sound that will pull the predator fish from distance and they will hit it hard on the drop or even straight retrieve – also great for vertical fishing!

    • Tournament trebles and Components
    • VMS – Vivid Movement system on the drop
    • Noisy and flashy
    • Sinking

Savage Gear, A Way Of Life
Savage Gear lures are the result of a team of worldwide anglers that approach each day on the water with uncommon ambition and a driving desire to take down the largest predatory fish in the water. The attitude is less about sharing a beautiful day fishing and much more about total domination of a body of water. Logging hundreds of thousands of hours with a fishing rod in hand, their experience is translated into swimbait, crankbait and soft plastic lure actions. The goal is savage strikes, strikes carried out with complete, absolute and total commitment from the fish to kill and eat the lure.

To achieve the goal, Savage Lures eliminate all boundaries within the development of fishing lures. Within the line you’ll find the most reliable and lifelike jointed baits available, crafted not only for precision balance in their wide swimming action, but also the details of how they glide and stop on the pause. Savage Real Series baits we’re born from 3-dimensional computer modeling, capturing true to life details of shape and proportion. The soft plastics include multiple layers of molding where necessary to deliver lifelike depth and realism. Simply, there are no limits placed on the process because the ultimate predatory fish require the ultimate lures.

Within the website you’ll find video documentation of the fishing lures, technique instruction on how to present the baits and fishing lure rigging tips to add versatility to your approach. You’ve entered a community where a unique attitude towards the sport is rewarded with unique, aggressive lure actions for the Savage angler in all of us.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

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