Bill Lewis StutterStep Topwater 1 oz.


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It can be walked or wagged, or you could turn-around-twitch it, wobble-wake it, or of course stutter step it. The most exciting feature is perhaps the walk in place, StutterStep action, which allows it to be stopped next to fishy cover and walked in place. With some quick twitching you can make the StutterStep turn its head back and forth while staying next to a target, and throw off a nasty little tail kick with every twitch. This allows you to tease the fish out of the cover. When this big lure lands next to cover, its presence can’t be denied.

If you think you (and the bass) have seen it all in topwater baits, then meet the Bill Lewis StutterStep. This odd-looking lure has moves no one has ever seen before 3 separate all-new swimming styles, in fact. This unique bait can be worked 3 distinct ways. The bait’s name comes from its tendency to cut at a sharp 90Á angle when walked, rather than veering forward. This allows you to work the bait almost in place, stuttering back and forth next to cover, a step at a time. Think you can enrage a bass with that? It’s a rhythmic, mesmerizing whole-body lure that really brings the local bass population out for a closer look.The StutterStep has gotten rave reviews from pros, Boyd Duckett and Mark Daniels Jr., after testing at Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Its design comes from Zimbabwe; in fact, it’s used there to take tiger fish, which are like stripers on steroids fitted with a maw full of pointy teeth that are twice the size of ours. Suffice it to say, this is one tough lure; and it’s all about triggering violent strikes

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

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