Googan Squad Gridiron Jig – Black & Blue #1020GGS10003H


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Googan Squad Gridiron Jig – Black & Blue #1020GGS10003H

The Googan Squad Gridiron Jig is a skirted football jig designed for targeting offshore bass lurking around hardcover and structure. The term ‘’Football Jig’’ comes from the elongated head design that looks like a football. This head shape helps baits slip through cracks, crevices, and hang-ups. The Gridiron jig also maintains an upright positioning while working its way through rocks and structure.

Use the Googan Gridiron Jig whenever fishing deep rocks, ledges, points, and hard-bottom areas. The light weed guard and thinner hook gauge will help you connect with fish on longer hooksets.

Each Gridiron Jig has a ribbed head design, which adds to this jig’s performance and looks.

Each Googan Jig Includes:

  • Hand Tied Skirt
  • Double Trailer Keeper
  • Mustad Hooks
  • Weight size printed on jighead
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in