Plastilite Styrofoam Minnow Bucket 8qt


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Plastilite Styrofoam Minnow Bucket 8Qt

The Plastilite Styrofoam Minnow Bucket features a molded lid with holes for aluminum cans to rest in and also a rope handle. – See more at:

About Plastilite

Around 1958, Plastilite Corporation began to expand from manufacturing products such as picnic coolers and minnow buckets for retail markets, into applications for commercial packaging.  Located in Omaha, (a geographical area famous for both raising and processing livestock), the resulting products were a natural fit for an emerging mail order food industry.  Since that time, millions of steaks, hams, turkeys, and desserts, have found their way to anxious customers in our sturdy EPS foam molded shipping coolers.

Over the years, our product line has grown into one of the widest assortments of container sizes and accessories in our industry.  They have also proven to be highly adaptable for shipping any number of other types of perishable products.  Plastilite containers are now routinely used in transporting everything from vaccines to biological materials, and the list of uses keeps growing.

In addition to perishables, molded EPS is also an ideal material in which to develop packaging for items needing protection.  Over the years we have custom engineered a wide range of innovative solutions for everything from electronics to test tubes.  Whether large or small, heavy or fragile, Plastilite continues to devise reliable ways to package all types of products, keeping them safe while in transit.

Plastilite is also ideally situated in the center of the country, allowing our products to be accessible from coast to coast.  This allows us to be a viable resource for multiple location companies seeking uniformity of product and service, as well as independent businesses across the country in need of our sensible and economical packaging solutions.

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