Challenge Plastic Cricket Cage #50297


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The #50297 is the traditional 6″ round wire cricket basket or cricket cage!

Challenge Plastic Products, Inc. has been manufacturing bait buckets and cricket containers in Edinburgh, Indiana for over twenty years. We provide the industry’s most reliable shipping and durable containers at a competitive price. Our involvement in the fishing industry began with the purchase of a small company that was making cricket cages a few counties over from us. We started with the cricket containers and the business grew from there. We soon added our small four quart minnow bucket, The rest is history!

We start with your concept for a finished part, and we add a little plastic resin…

It’s not quite that simple. We make it easy for you, so it looks that simple. Challenge Plastic Products has been providing part design, mold design, injection molding and assembly services for our clients since 1991. We serve a wide variety of industries satisfying clients from seasoned veterans of plastic parts procurement to first-timers who only understand the end product that they require. We take on your project where your knowledge and capability ends and deliver.

If it was simple everyone would be doing it, right? What do we add?

We add technical expertise gained through years of plastic injection molding experience, our signature friendly and helpful service and the quality on which we pride ourselves. That’s how you get the finished plastic parts you need, on time, within your budget and with a smile on your face.


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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in