Gene Larew Glass Bass Rattles


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The Gene Larew Glass Bass Rattles add a rattling element of attraction to hollow-bodied baits such as the Gene Larew Biffle Bug, Biffle-O Lizard, and the Biffle-O. Also great for stuffing inside your favorite hollow body swimbait, topwater frogs, or any other plastic you desire. Made with premium Pyrex and a large metal bead, the Gene Larew Glass Bass Rattles produce a devastating underwater pitch that works wonders in low-visibility conditions.The Gene Larew Glass Bass Rattle measures 7mm long and is rounded on both sides for easy acess into body cavities. Made right here in the USA.

Gene Larew Lures
We manufacture our baits using the finest soft-plastic injection molding equipment in the industry. That’s why our baits are so consistent in shape and color, which isn’t always the case with many soft baits on the market today. Today, when you think of Gene Larew Lures, think of us this way: Gene Larew for bass, Bobby Garland for crappie.

Gene Larew patented the salt impregnation process, so when we say “salt” we’re not talking about shaking some in a bag of baits for anglers to see and calling it good. We cook it right in, where it stays for fish to actually taste. That’s why salt is added in the first place, for fish to “taste”, causing them to hang on longer.

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