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Plano The Alabama Rig Box

Designed to securely hold Alabama Rigs (also called umbrella rigs), the Alabama Rig® Box from Plano was created using Plano’s Stowaway 3700 footprint. The box will hold four rigs in individual compartments and can be used with any Plano, Guide Series or FTO Elite tackle system that holds 3700 series Stowaways.

Constructed from sturdy, clear polypropylene with ProLatch fasteners, the Alabama Rig Box features two unique and adjustable dividers to protect and organize your Alabama Rigs. The first is the V-channel leader slot that clips firmly to the top of the rig. The second is a patented star channel that collects and secures the rig’s wire arms for multi-arm rigs, without bending or crimping them.

Custom designed to store umbrella rigs
Clear polypropylene plastic with ProLatch fasteners
Holds four umbrella rigs in individual compartments
Use with 3700-based Plano, Plano Guide Series or Plano FTO Elite tackle systems

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 in