Rob Roberts Triple Threat T2 Choke – Optima 12 Gauge #CCT-T2-OP12GA


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Rob Roberts Triple Threat T2 Choke – Optima 12 Gauge #CCT-T2-OP12GA

Our chokes are safe to shoot Lead, Steel, Hevishot, Black Cloud, BlindSide, Buckshot and other non-toxic loads. We also do not limit you to the faster velocity loads. Although we do not recommend the “Superfast” velocities because they do not pattern as well, but you can shoot them if you wish. We understand that “Speed Kills”, but we believe that Patterns Kill MORE!

  • The first is that unlike all the other choke tube manufacturers out there, we build our chokes in one cycle. This means that we run the outside of the choke tube and then the inside of the choke tube to the constrictions we want without taking the choke tube out of the jaws of the lathe. This insures consistent concentricity and you never have to worry whether or not the choke tube has changed your point of impact. Other companies run the outsides of a choke tube and bore a hole requiring them to set back up in the lathe in order to run the constrictions that they are after. That is not the case here.
  • Secondly, we use the 30+ years of experience and the expertise that we get from patterning shotguns on almost a daily basis, to know exactly what constrictions and loads work the best in your make or model of shotgun.
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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in