Jumbo Light Up Whirl-O


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Whirl-O is back with a sleek new design and color morphing top! Give it a whirl to launch the top into the air! Use the magnets to pick it up and flip it back onto the rails. Get creative with your own tricks! Measures 5 x 8 x 2. Ages 5+.

Safford Blog: Toy Tips You Can Put Into Play

The colorful all-tin Whirl-O does yo-yo tricks without a string! Whirl it. Flip it. Spin it. Explore the science of centrifugal forces and magnetism. This innovated magnetic toy is like a unique Yoyo. Whirl-O comes in a variety of colors. The disk changes color as it spins faster and slower. Make you own tricks – Amaze your friends and family. Everyone loves the classic Whirl-O!

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