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Crafted using state-of-the art injection molding technology, Zink Calls Thunder Ridge Series guarantees you’ll find the same quality and consistency not only in every call, but in every note. Whether at 150 yards or 15 feet, this innovative call provides a fantastic range of sound, with one common denominator – it drives gobblers wild! The Thunder Ridge Series includes a two-piece hardwood striker and a specific conditioning pad. It also sports the popular E-Z Gripper ring and built-in striker conditioning pocket, as well as a copy of the “Turkey Time University” Instructional DVD. – See more at: https://www.zinkcalls.com

About Zink Calls

Zink Calls was founded in 2001 by Ohio native, Fred Zink. Zink, himself a nationally-recognized goose caller saw a demand for custom goose and duck calls among both field hunters and competitive callers. Zink’s high-end calls and Avian X TV series present the ultimate from the field outdoor experiences designed for the hard-core hunter, the fowler who aspires for that next level in calling and hunting proficiency.

With growth often comes physical expansion, and Zink Calls has been no exception. From a 1,800 square foot beginning in the town of Clayton, the company moved to a 10,000 square foot facility in Port Clinton during the fall of 2006.

Today, the company has 25 full-time employees, that each specialize in different aspects of the business including videography, photography, editing, call production and machining.

Their goal and the goal of Avian-X is to promote the sport of waterfowling and turkey hunting to the hunting public in a traditional, ethical, responsible, and enjoyable manner.

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