Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellular Trail Camera – Verizon #MCG-13476


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Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellular Trail Camera – Verizon #MCG-13476

Moultrie Mobile’s newest cellular trail camera is the Delta series. Moultrie packed as much advanced technology as possible into this camera. Users will enjoy new HDR (High Dynamic Range) 32MP images with color enhancement for more detailed and realistic-looking images. With the all-new ILLUMI-NIGHT 3 Sensor and 80’ invisible flash and detection range, nighttime images are bright and clear, all while using less battery power. Speaking of battery savings, the Delta camera gets up to 50% improved battery life over previous models. This means less trips into a buck’s home range to change camera batteries. All images are captured with a blazing 0.35-second trigger speed, too. The Delta operates on the Verizon 4G network. Other key advancements incorporated into the Delta are built-in GPS tracking for easy camera location and an Adaptive Trigger that optimizes trigger sensitivity based on environmental conditions for fewer blank photos.



  • Verizon Network – Connected to the Verizon network for coast-to-coast coverage, the Delta Cellular Trail Camera sends trail camera images from field directly to your smartphone and computer
  • 32MP Images – Enjoy vivid, beautiful daytime images and razor-sharp nighttime images with jaw-dropping 32 megapixel resolution and the new ILLUMI-NIGHT 3 camera sensor
  • 0.35 Second Trigger Speed –  With a blistering trigger speed of 0.35 seconds, even the fastest animals won’t escape the watchful eye of your Delta camera
  • Longer Battery Life – Engineered to use less power so batteries last up to 50% longer, meaning less trips to the woods and more time scouting
  • Built-In GPS – Onboard GPS for theft deterrence and easy device location on the map
  • New CellBoost Antenna – External antenna optimized for stronger cellular reception
  • Adaptive Trigger – Trigger sensitivity adapts based on environmental conditions for fewer blank photos
  • Video Delivery – Video with sound delivered to your phone with the same convenience as your trail camera images



  • Resolution: 32 MP
  • HDR Images
  • High-Definition video delivery
  • Trigger Speed: 0.35 sec
  • Built-In GPS
  • 80 ft. Detection & Invisible Flash Range
  • New Cellboost Antenna
  • Up to 50% longer battery life
  • Fast & easy set up
  • Designed for durability
  • Connected by Verizon

The Moultrie Mobile App has unlimited plans for as low as $8 a month and includes:

  • Interactive Maps
  • Advanced Species Recognition
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Activity Charting
  • Remote Settings Changes
  • Weather Data
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