ConQuest EverCalm Deer Herd Calming Scent Stick #E1214


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The World’s First Calming Scent – Stick
EverCalm is a collection of scents and smells from actual bedding areas; scents that are so familiar to deer that it puts them at ease!

100% bedding scents encapsulated into a wax stick formula for No Spills, Leaks, or Mess.

Dab on trees, rocks, or brush in your hunting area to turn it into the smell of a real bedding area; use all season long on blinds, decoys, trail cameras, scrapes, and licking branches to keep deer in the area.

Also available in 100% pure liquid form; ideal for use with our Stink Stick Scent Dispenser.

For more than 13 years, Conquest Scents has been selling premium hunting scents to hunters around the country. What separates us from the majority of other companies on the market is the white-tailed deer farm we’ve had for more than 25 years in Davison, Michigan. You can find hunting scents, scent dispensers, dog training scents, merchandise and more on our site. Call us at 888-653-2759 to learn how to make your next hunting trip more successful.

Thanks to a TV show, Conquest 200, on the Sportsman Channel and various YouTube videos, we’re happy to share our story and tips to help make your next hunting trip a memorable one. You can use hunting scents for calming and attracting a variety of animals when you’re hunting. You can use our dog scents for training, and a variety of Stink Sticks can be used for dispensing scents. Discover why Conquest Scents is the company so many people rely on.

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