Tink’s Triple Threat Pocketshot


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Tink’s Triple Threat Pocketshot

Spray to calm curious deer when you are on the move. The portable design acts as a secondary application that carries over 50 shots of mist per bottle! Extra shots for extra performance! – See more at: https://www.tinks.com


#1 Doe-P (Non-Estrous Doe Urine)

100% Doe urine that has a calming effect on deer and can be used as a cover scent all year.

#69 Doe-in-rut (Estrous Doe Urine)

Mist this during pre-rut and rut when bucks are chasing doe.

Trophy Buck (Dominant Buck Urine)

A combination of dominant buck urine and key gland secretions to mist while you grunt or rattle.


  • Quick application to mask your movements
  • Container seals in lure to keep it fresh
  • Fine mist for long range attraction
  • Quick pocket access for fast set-ups

About Tink’s

Tink’s has been the #1 name in deer scents & lures for over 40 years. Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure is a unique blend of 100% natural doe estrus urine along with our secret ingredient which has been drawing bucks within shooting range for more than 4 decades. Tink’s also produces a variety of other natural and synthetic deer lures that can help you be successful from early season all the way through the brutal cold of winter. When your season comes down to one opportunity, trust Tink’s.



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