Moultrie Mobile Feed Hub #MMF-15088


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Moultrie Mobile Feed Hub #MMF-15088

The Moultrie Mobile® FEED HUB offers first-of-its-kind cellular connectivity and control for nearly any spin-cast game feeder. Used with the Moultrie Mobile App, it allows you to monitor feed and battery levels, run feeders on command, receive alerts when the feeder is clogged, and remotely adjust feed times.

The FEED HUB Timer replaces the existing timer in your spin-cast feeder. FEED HUB’s Feed Level Detector mounts under the feeder hopper lid and measures the feed level. This system removes the factory-installed user interface from the kit and allows you to perform all feeder operations remotely via the Moultrie Mobile app.

It provides peace of mind that the feeder is operating as expected, enables remote control for easy adjustments, and helps plan trips to service the feeder more efficiently.

*FEED HUB must have an active subscription via Moultrie Mobile to control the feeder and see the current status of the feeder.


  • FEED LEVEL DETECTOR – Measures how much feed is in the hopper
  • CELLULAR TIMER – Runs the feeder based on the schedule you set in the Moultrie Mobile® App and sends the latest feed level
  • MOULTRIE MOBILE® APP – See remaining feed levels, get clog and low battery alerts, and feed on demand
  • REMOTE FEEDER MANAGEMENT – Check your feeder’s status and change settings anytime, from anywhere. Remotely set up to 10 daily feed times for different days and seasons.
  • Get alerts for clogs, jams, low feed, or low battery levels so you know when to visit your feeder
  • Dispense feed at anytime from anywhere
  • AA Batteries (not included) – batteries used to power the Feed Level Detector (4 AAs)
  • Motor battery (not included) – battery used to power the motor of the feeder can either be 6V or 12V, depending on the feeder kit being used
  • Our Moultrie Mobile® Universal Solar Power Packs and Battery Box are compatible with FEED HUB if you want to power via solar or battery power. If you’re looking for external power options, check out to shop for accessories.
  • *FEED HUB must have an active subscription via Moultrie Mobile® to control the feeder and see the current status of the feeder
  • 2-year warranty backed by U.S.-based customer support, available 7 days a week
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