Original Tag-out Year Round Mineral Supplement For Deer


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Tag-Out is an all-natural supplement and attractant that has been tried and field-tested for ten years. Tag-Out will attract and hold deer in your hunting area. Deer are attracted to the mineral vapors released by the Tag-Out blend of Sodium Carbonate, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium and other important minerals. Deer will literally dig a hole to get to it! The minerals in Tag-Out play a significant role in deer body mass and antler size. Deer antlers contain several different minerals. Of these, calcium and phosphorus make up approximately 30-35% of total antler weight. The amount of phosphorus in a deer’s diet is also directly related to its body size. Therefore, providing a year-round supplement of these important minerals will, over time, help you produce the biggest bucks with trophy racks. Since this is NOT a food based product, we are not targeting the food need of the deer, therefore we get an extended period of activity between applications. On average 4 to 6 months between applications. Additionally the salt content of this product is less than 1%. Since mineral is the base, not salt, this gives you year round activity with Tag-Out instead of the summer only activity that is standard with salt based products.

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