Maglite Black LED 2D Flashlight #ST2D016


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The Maglite 2D Flashlight is designed for professional and consumer use. The craftsmanship, engineering and advanced technology are evident and the flashlight is built tough enough to last a lifetime.

  • Offers a powerful projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.
  • Balanced optics, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam
  • Intelligent energy source management balancing high brightness with extended battery life
  • Renowned for its quality, durability and reliability
  • Features balanced optics with a bright LED for a brilliant beam
  • Impact resistant construction
  • Requires 2 D batteries

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38 Years and Counting

Everyone has their own reason for choosing a MAGLITE® flashlight. Maybe your dad kept one in the truck, or you know someone who carried one on the force. It could be that you’re looking for the latest LED technology, or you want Built-In-America dependability.

Whatever reason you have for choosing MAGLITE®, you’ll be glad you did.

A U.S.A. manufacturer since 1979, Mag Instrument makes flashlights that are carried by thousands of law enforcement officers, emergency responders, military service members and ordinary people around the world. Every one of them has their own MagStory, and a few of them have even shared them.

Now, it’s time to write yours. Let’s get started by finding the perfect member of the MAGLITE® family to fit your needs.

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in