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Millennium’s lightest treestand, the all-aluminum M7 MicroLite Hang-On Treestand only weighs 8.5 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds.

The perfect balance of strength, comfort, and portability, the Millennium M25 Hang On Stand is an all-around standard in climbing stands. Easy to set up, and weighing only 17 pounds, the all-aluminum M25 allows you to pick up and move wherever the action is. Ideal for longer treks, the M25 folds completely flat and even includes straps for backpacking.

Part of the Revolution Series, the Millennium M360 Revolution hang-on stand is equipped with a lift-up 360-degree swivel seat and a large 40” diameter platform, which offers plenty of room to move in any direction.

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Comfort is key with the Millennium M150 Monster – a hang-on stand that offers a full backrest, side straps, spacious stand platform, and adjustable seat height. The M150 also features 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustments and an Interlock Leveling System to ensure the platform and seat and perfectly leveled.