Rage Hypodermic Standard Broadhead 100-grain 3 Pk.


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Rage Hypodermic Standard Broadhead 100-Grain 3 Pk.

This aerodynamic, compact design is extremely tough and offers more penetration than any Rage broadhead to date! The solid steel ferrule sports a brand new hybrid tip design, allowing the Hypodermic to have the aerodynamics and accuracy of a leading edge blade, coupled with the bone crushing performance of our chisel tip. Massive 2+ inch entry wounds combined with surgical accuracy and unrivaled penetration resulting in catastrophic blood loss. Slipcam rear deploying broadheads.

Includes free practice head

100 Grain, 2″ + Cut

2 Blade


  • Exclusive hybrid tip
  • New steel ferrule designed for peak performance
  • Tough, razor-sharp .035″ stainless steel blades
  • Shock collar ensures proper blade retention
  • Specialized “hypodermic” tip for surgical penetration
  • Sweeping blade angle for devastating wound channels
Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in