Slick Trick Razor Trick Broadheads 3 Pk.


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Slick Trick Razor Trick Broadheads 3 Pk.

The traditional RAZORTRICK slices through animals like a mean old RAZORBACK HOG. The RAZORTRICK has premium .040 SS LUTZ Solingen Germany diamond polished knife grade blades for great blood trails and quick kills.


Super Accurate – RAZORTRICKS have super Field Point Flight

Extremely Sharp – LUTZ SOLINGEN GERMANY Blades

Deadbolt Bladelock – Assembly-insert blades in ferrule. Snug Screw

100% Steel Tough – .040 1-1/8″ Main blade, .040 7/8″ Bleeder blade, Super strong steel ferrule


About Slick Trick Broadheads

Slick Trick Founder and Inventor, Gary Cooper’s goal was to always deliver a top-quality product bowhunters could rely on. This is proven by the many technologies he developed, which sum up the very backbone of Slick Trick’s success. Considered by some as the pioneer of modern day fixed-blade broadhead designs, Cooper leaves a legacy that will not be forgotten.


Slick Trick Broadheads bring together a combination of high-quality materials, tight tolerances and ground-breaking design to deliver performance unrivaled by any fixed-blade broadhead in their price category.

The perfect marriage of Super Steel ferrules, LUTZ blades and their patented Alcatraz blade lock system result in a broadhead that provides consistent flight at ultra-high speed, bone crushing power and cutting ability that’s surgical grade. Tolerant of speeds that would send other heads wildly down range with reckless abandon. Tougher than nails and adept to create a cut as clean as a surgeon; These broadheads are a true workhorse designed for years of reliable service.

Bowhunters who demand 100% reliability and short blood trails need to look no further.



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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in