Burt Coyote Arrow Puller/ Lumenok Extinguisher


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Burt Coyote Arrow Puller/ Lumenok Extinguisher
This device was designed to be used to easily turn off your Lumenoks. It does this through the use of a polymer that grips an arrow and the Lumenok at the same time. As you wiggle the arrow, material that touches the shaft and the nock is compressed on one side and then the other. This compressed material actually pushes the Lumenok slightly rearward, breaking its contact from the rear of the shaft. That leaves your Lumenok rotation unchanged from shot to shot. When it is not in use pulling your bolts and arrows or turning off your Lumenoks, it can be stored on a shaft in your quiver. ” Always know where your puller goes with the Extinguisher”.


  • Pulls arrows easily from target
  • Quickly extinguishes lumenoks
  • Fits on bolt to store in quiver
Weight 1.00 lbs