Nap Killzone Low Ke 100 Gr. #60-813


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NAP Killzone Low KE 100 Gr. #60-813

The new Killzone Low KE is a 2 blade rear-deploying broadhead that packs a 1 3/4″ cutting diameter for extreme penetration and devastating wound channels. The field-point accurate Killzone Low KE uses NAP’s unique spring-clip design which ensures your blades won’t open in flight or in your quiver. There are no o-rings or rubber bands to worry about.

Designed for use in bows up to 350 fps



  • Features patented “Spring Clip” blade retention system to keep blades closed in flight
  • 1-3/4″ cutting diameter for devastating wound channels & excellent penetration
  • Ideal for lighter KE (Kinetic Energy) bow setups
  • Durable, Razor-sharp .035″ blades
  • Designed for use out of compound bows up to 350fps




About New Archery Products (NAP)

Andy Simo started the company in 1971. He is the leader and philosophical fountainhead behind NAP.

In 1971 arrow rests were pretty simple affairs. Most bows came with carpet- type rests. Mter-market arrow rests consisted of a few stick-on rests of the bristle and feather type, along with a small handful of plastic and metal arrow rests, and not much more. With most such rests, fletch clearance was a problem. Arrow flight was effected and feathers wore out prematurely.

He developed what would become his first new archery product – the Flipper Rest. It was pretty advanced for the time. Originally the body was made out of stainless steel. Later it was injection molded out of nylon and reinforced internally with a brass bushing. The arrow sat on a Teflon-sleeved stainless steel arrow support arm. That arm folded out of the way at the slightest touch.

Local Atlanta-area archers loved them. Andy started making them in his basement, bending and soldering the arms himself. Each Flipper Rest sold for $3.50, making them one of the most expensive arrow rests on the market at the time. After putting a small ad in a national archery magazine more orders trickled in. Gradually demand grew. A few dealers even started ordering them in larger lots.

Today NAP is one of the largest, most respected, and most successful accessory manufacturers in the archery industry. Today there are 60 employees. Today there is a custom designed 29,000 square foot building. Today NAP is on top.

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