Heybo Men’s The Last Swing Short Sleeve Shirt


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Heybo Men’s The Last Swing Short Sleeve Shirt

*Color – Dark Chocolate
*Material – 100% Cotton
*Screenprinted Artwork
*Machine Washable


Core Values
Southern culture is at the heart of the Heybo story. She is the protagonist with an imposing presence, and plays the most important role of host and matriarch. Not only hosting us in a physical place, but also in an emotional one – hidden away and off the beaten path from the common passersby. But for those with the wisdom to seek the gracious and plentiful offering, she gives freely with a charitable heart, knowing that those blessed to receive understand the difference between the South, and being Southern. Our values are born from her culture.

Things like family and friends are more than important. Participate in your community. Embrace your identity. Be proud of your heritage. Live by the Golden Rule. Work hard, so that we may play hard. Chase your passions. Respect the outdoors. Enjoy its bounty. Honor your higher calling. Relax. Be resilient. Celebrate life and lift up one another. And greet people with a simple yet meaningful greeting … “Heybo.”

Our People
Here’s to the doers. The committed. The passionate. Not the people who like to go outside, but rather grasp the outdoors – and all it brings to life. Their hands are dirty. And rough. But you can feel the tender warmth of their soul through the shake of their hand. A handshake means more than a greeting, but a bond. One that says, “I will be there when you need me.”

Doers are rugged. Weathered. And real. But not rough around the edges. He is a gentleman because that is the way he was brought up. He has good manners. He loves his momma. And respects the opposite sex. She is a lady. She understands propriety but isn’t a snob. She can keep up with the boys. She is not high maintenance. She looks good dressed up for cocktails and dressed out in camo.

In their hearts lie the core of their very being: love for one another. An ardent devotion to their higher calling, family, friends and their pursuit of following their hearts in the great outdoors – as doers.

A Word From Scott Clyburn
Scott Clyburn, owner and founder of Heybo, has been in the apparel industry since 1988. Like all avid outdoorsman, Scott has always dreamed of making a living hunting or fishing. “A slow day at Edisto Beach, SC made me realize that by creating Heybo this might be my way of making a living in the outdoors. So I set out to create a line that shares those outdoor experiences and says this is who I am, this is what I do”, says Scott.

Scott, his wife, two boys and two labs live on a farm in rural South Carolina and spend as much time as possible at Edisto Beach, SC. “Our year is dictated by the deer, duck, quail, dove, turkey, and fishing season. Heybo, if it has legs or wings, my two boys are chasing it. We are blessed to live where we can be in a deer stand or in the gulf stream any day we choose. Whether you’re in the woods or 50 miles out in the ocean, when that sun breaks the horizon, that’s what we live for, and what I want to pass on to future generations. This is my way of doing that”.

Scott Clyburn

See you “out there”!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

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