NetBait Mad Paca 8pk


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A creature bait through and through, the Netbait Mad Paca is a soft plastic lure designed to offer anglers a bit bulkier bait with tons of action. Utilizing the large claws that made the Paca Craw a household name, Netbait’s Mad Paca seeks to replicate forage species of all types with it’s total of 6 appendages extending from it’s solid plastic body. Anglers can fish the Mad Paca in any number of ways using just about any rigging method common to bass fishing. Flipping & pitching, Carolina or Texas-rigged or shaky head – this bait will prove an excellent choice for times when a bigger meal is on the menu. What’s really neat about these style of creature baits, with multiple appendages, is that anglers can customize the appearance by simply ripping off the arms or curl tail legs. If you’re after a more streamlined body for flipping and pitching, simply pull the arms off the bait and you’ll have the perfect plastic to slither through the mats. Tear the legs off the bait and you’ve got a crawfish imitation with more action. However you decide to fish the Netbait Mad Paca, we’re sure it will be a major producer in your bass fishing arsenal.

About NetBait
The NetBait brand began nearly 40 years ago in the kitchen of a man named Braxton McNaughton. Mr. McNaughton thought plastic fishing worms, which then cost 5 cents each, were too expensive—so he set out to make his own for less. With an investment of $20, Mr. McNaughton began melting and pouring plastic worms one-at-a-time in his kitchen. He called his small, personal venture Mac’s Baits. For years, Mac’s poured independently for many big-name companies. Then, in 1998, the McNaughton family decided to expand upon their venture into the fishing business when Mr. McNaughton’s son, Kent, incorporated the brand NetBait. Knowing fishermen deserved better offerings than what was currently on the market, NetBait set out to create some new options. And so, using Mr. McNaughton’s manufacturing knowledge and experience, we developed what is now known as our signature bait: the Paca Craw.

Our roots may be small, but our mission has never wavered: to offer fishermen the best quality soft plastic baits in every pack, every time. Mac’s Baits is still the sole manufacturer of all NetBait soft plastic products. Each of our pouring machines were custom-built from the ground up, and all of our soft plastics are made and poured in Greenville, Alabama—so you can be sure we’re involved in the process every step of the way and 100% invested in the quality of the products we deliver.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

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