Lillie’s Q Smokey Bbq Sauce


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This Memphis sweet and mild sauce has hints of brown sugar and a dash of smoke, the perfect complement for your slow cooked ribs.

Ketchup, brown sugar, filtered water, cider vinegar, mustard, tomato paste, natural smoke flavor, apple juice, lime juice, garlic powder, salt, Worcestershire, other natural spices.

At Lillie’s Q, we believe in using all natural ingredients and staying true to the heritage of each region Chef Charlie has competed in along the BBQ circuit. Spicy cayenne from Memphis; apple and lime juices from Western Carolina; vinegar from Eastern Carolina; tangy mustard from South Carolina; mayonnaise and black pepper from Northern Alabama.

What we’re made of is honest-to-goodness flavor and strong Southern roots. It’s tradition you can taste.


Lillie’s Q was recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as “The Best New BBQ Restaurant in the Country”. Each sauce was created by Lillie’s Q founder/chef Charlie McKenna, who has won numerous awards on the competition barbeque circuit, including the top prize at Memphis In May – which is widely regarded as the world championship of BBQ. Each of Lillies’ all natural sauces and rubs pay homage to the deep-rooted barbeque traditions of specific Southern regions and is the culmination of three generations of Southern style barbeque mastery.

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